Slow Fiber Studios™  is more than learning techniques.

We are founded on a simple intention: to offer real-world insight into the multifaceted and holistic practice of textile-making. A program of World Shibori Network, affiliated with NaturalDyeWorkshop.com and shop.slowfiberstudios.com, Slow Fiber Studios™ offers dynamic, hands-on field study programs in diverse areas of the world where textile culture runs deep — India, Mexico, Japan, France, Italy, and on. We believe the best way to understand a philosophy is to see it being lived. Slow Fiber Studios™ gets to the heart of ‘the making of things’.

Discover the many layers of textile making. Learn from artisanal masters right in their own backyard. Think differently about sustainability and integrity. Be inspired.

Upcoming Programs

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Our study tours and programs are designed for textile artists, educators, scholars, and students. The accommodations are usually basic, except short stays at special accommodations including restored historical estates in India; early 17th century vineyard in Provence; and a ryokan, Japanese style inn, where you experience traditional hospitality and banquet. During the tours, we mostly rely on public transportation; however, you may choose to take a taxi to avoid it.

Read more about our tour to Japan, written by a SFS traveler, B. Shapiro:
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