Eber Lopez Ferreira with Alexsandra Oliveira

12 Different Colors from Brazilian Plants 

3 Day Workshop and Lecture Session

Eber Lopez Ferreira with Alexsandra Oliveira

Monday-Wednesday March 19-21 2020 9:30am-4:30pm

Slow Fiber Studios ANNEX | 1825 8th St. Berkeley, CA


Learn from Eber Ferreira of Etno Botanica, a company from Brazil focusing on extracting natural colors from nature through clean and sustainable processes. During the workshop, Eber will cover dye extraction processes from native Brazilian plants to obtain 12 different colors, while specifically focusing on dyeing plant fibers: cotton, linen & hemp. Over the course of 3 days you will learn about the products  Etno Botanica is able to produce sustainably from regional flora and how the company work on a local scale in Brazil. Some of the plants that will be covered during the workshop are

•Black Acacia (Acacia miersen)        •Captain of the Field (Terminalia argentum)

•Iron Wood (Caesalpinia ferrea)      •Marcela’s Flower (Achyrocline satureioides)


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About the Invitees:

Eber Lopes Ferreira

Screen Shot 2019-12-31 at 12.04.46 PM

A specialist in natural dyes, Eber Lopes Ferreira is the research director and associate partner for ETNO BOTANICA. A textile designer in both the handcraft and industrial sectors, Eber conducts research on the industrial applications of natural dyes while serving as a senior consultant on national sustainable development projects. With ETNO BOTANICA, Eber works to create natural dye products for traditional populations and small family farmers based on principles of environmental and social responsibility.

Alexsandra Oliveira

leka_photoKnown to most by her nickname, Leka Oliveira is the owner of Studio InBlueBrazil, a slow fashion company specializing in shibori, natural dyes, and sustainable fabric. She is Eber’s wife and will be teaching the workshop with him. Workshop participants can learn the industrial/chemistry background of the natural dye products, while gaining perspective of the creative utility the products hold.


13th Dye & Fabric Exhibit + Colloquium


Color Colloquium: Brazil
UCBG in collaboration with SFS
Sunday, March 15, 10am-12:30am

Preceding the Slow Fiber Studios workshop and lecture session, there will be a colloquium hosted by the UC Botanical Garden in Berkeley in collaboration with Slow Fiber Studios. Eber will show participants Brazilian dyeing plants and address conservation concerns surrounding their use and harvest.

Info on the Colloquium