SFS China 2015 – 2016 for Japanese Quartet Workshop in Shanghai

Join us for a rare textile program to work with four masters in natural dyeing, shibori and Tibetan tablet weaving at the iconic Jin Ze Arts Centre, located in the historical canal town of Jin Ze on the outskirts of Shanghai.


CREATING REDS AND MORE WITH NATURAL DYE with DR. YAMAZAKI – more Information <click link>  FULL. Registration closed.

Picture6SHIBORI PATTERN MAKING AND TANNIN DYEING with Mr. Murase –  more information <click link> FULL. Registration closed.


RESIST DYEING TEXTILES: BUILDING BLOCKS polyester, silk, wool with MS. Yoshiko I WADA, –  More information <click link>

Picture2EXPLORING TIBETAN TABLET WEAVING with Dr. Tomoko Torimarumore information <click link>

Read Amy Putansu’s account of the Jinze Art Centre in Surface Design Association newsblog < here >


Day Trip A on December 29th, 9:00 AM: One day tour to Hangzhou or fabric market in Shanghai.

Day Trip B on January 4th, 9:00 AM: One day tour to Suzhou or fabric market in Shanghai.


You can take 1 or 2 in any combination or 3 workshops. You may wish to arrive earlier in Shanghai and spend a few days on your own. A pick up from Central Hotel, downtown Shanghai will be arranged at 14:00h*, the day before (or two as applicable) prior to the workshop – 23rd, 29th and 4th. Departure transport is on your own (Group taxi can be arranged). *updated on 12/13/2015

Calendar_FinalPlease note: If you’d like to join a Day Tour (A or B) prior to your arrival for the workshop, you will need to meet us directly at Jin Ze Art Centre by 8:00 AM on the day of the tour.



The workshop fee includes tuition, accommodation, meals, evening programs and pick up from the Central Hotel; excludes material fee. Please see material fee for each workshop as given below.

*Prices include registration deposit of $300 which is required to reserve a spot. Remaining balance due in Shanghai in cash USD.

** Limited availability of single and shared-double rooms; the dormitory occupancy provides for common bath/restroom

WORKSHOP MATERIAL FEES: (All workshop fees paid in Shanghai in cash USD).

Workshop 1 Yamazaki: USD $60

Workshop 2 Murase: USD $60

Workshop 3 Yoshiko: USD $70

Workshop 4 Torimaru: USD $25


Day Trip A on December 29th

Day Trip B on January 4th

Price for Day Tours A and B to be announced at a later date. Non refundable deposit of $35 required to reserve a spot. The balance due in Shanghai in cash USD.

Travel Partners: For those attending with a spouse who will not be participating in the workshops but staying at Jin Ze, SFS will issue a $500 credit towards the remaining balance after the payment of deposit. The total payment will still include meals, double occupancy accommodations, and evening programs.

See our Payment and Cancellation Policy PDF Here <click link>

REGISTRATION – Follow these steps

1. Eligibility for this program – a current World Shibori Network member. Non member, please < sign up here > Your spouse may join the tour without becoming a member.

2. Pay your reservation deposit here ($300 for each workshop, $35 for each day trip)

3. After Steps 1 and 2, follow instructions sent via confirmation email.

4. Sign in to wsnmembers.org with your login email and password to access password-protected tour documents and forms.

5. On wsnmembers.org, click ‘Travelers‘ in the top menu. The China 2015 page includes documents and travel forms to assure you a wonderful trip experience.

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