SFS tours offers cultural and collaborative workshop programs developed with traditional artisan communities and small to medium-sized studios and factories. Our tours are held in specifically chosen regions of the world where textile and traditional culture runs deep. By design, SFS tours penetrate conventional tourism. Groups are small for a better learning experience and enables participants to engage with local communities. The programs are led by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada personally and seminars and workshops during the tour are led by her colleagues, friends, and WSN members.

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May 2019

4th China Study Tour: Shanghai + Natural Dye Forum option in Hangzhou + Yi Minority Autonomous Region
3 Tours | 11 May – 2 June 2019




June – July 2019

2nd France Study Tour: Natural Dyes + Historical Tapestries + Paleolithic Sites


Paris → Loire Valley → Brittany
June – July 2019 (2 Groups)
Group A: 26 June – 07 July, 2019
Group B: 08 – 19 July, 2019
Natural Dye Demonstrations + European Dye Traditions + Medieval Tapestries + History of Trade from East to West + Modern Organic Chemistry
Demonstrations by Michel Garcia
Led by Yoshiko I. Wada

Led by Yoshiko Iwamoto Wada, founder of Slow Fiber Studios and producer of the Natural Dye Workshop film series, the 2nd France Study Tour will explore Paris and the cultural regions of the Loire Valley and Brittany, inhabited by humans since the Lower Paleolithic Period.

Focus on some of the most precious textile works in history, including the Apocalypse Tapestry, a 600 year–old naturally dyed masterpiece spanning 140m. Gain a deeper understanding of European textile manufacturing, from medieval dyeing processes to the rise of industrial cotton mills and global trade, to Michel Garcia’s insights into modern organic chemistry. Join him at his new studio in Brittany as he continues his research and experimentation to unlock the mysteries of natural colors.


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September – October 2019

11th SFS Japan Study Tour

Sustainable community living + Traditional artisanry + Contemporary art installations on islands + Festival in shibori town

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Pre-Main Tour:  September 16-22, 2019 (6 nights, 6 days)

Himeji  →  Shodoshima  →  Benesse House on Naoshima →  Kurashiki

Main Tour: 20 September – 07 October (17 nights, 17 days)

Himeji  →  Kurashiki  →  Omoricho  →  Izumo →  Matsue  →  Miyama →  Kyoto  →  Miho Museum →  Nagoya  →  Tokyo  →  Takasaki → Kiryu  → Nagoya

  • Old canal town to forgotten silver mine town, and grand Shinto shrine of Izumo and Ancient History Museum on the coast of the Sea of Japan
  • Thatched-roofed villages; visit a master indigo dyer, Buddhist temples,gardens, art museums, and contemporary design studios
  • Imperial Capital, Kyoto, to Shogunate Capital, Edo, now cosmopolitan Tokyo; handmade paper to pottery; and sericulture to textile mills
  • wide culinary experiences, including monks’ food, exquisite kaiseki, Bohemian fusion, sushi counter, and casual eateries
  • culminate your Japan experience by celebrating the Autumn Festival along the historic Tokaido highway with local friends .


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