Upcoming Talks, Workshops, and Exhibition

Slow Fiber Studio Workshop offers a platform for international exchange of knowledge and showcasing creativity and technical ingenuity as expressed by artists and artisans from across the world. Through our workshops we hope to create a dialog of collaborative learning, reciprocity and new friendships.

SFS Upcoming Events, 2017

SFS Workshop with Michel Garcia:
Master natural dyer, chemist, and botanist
Dates to be determined.


See Natural Dye Workshop DVD Series with Michel Garcia on sustainable dye practice.
For more information visit NaturalDyeWorkshop.com.

Michel Garcia is a botanist, chemist, dyer, and naturalist. He is the founder of Couleur Garance (1998) in Lauris, France, and established Le Jardin Conservatoire de Plantes Tinctoriales (Botanical Garden of Dye Plants) in 2000 as a horticultural resource for chemists, natural dye researchers, and botanists. He has been instrumental in revitalizing the natural dye practice in France and abroad. Michel collaborated with Yoshiko I. Wada to create a series of educational DVDs for sustainable natural dyeing.

SFS Workshop with professional felting artist Jorie Johnson
Dates to be determined.


Jorie Johnson was introduced to traditional textile technique in Finland in 1977 and was immediately enchanted by the magic and power of felting. Since 1987, she has lived in Kyoto, Japan, where she established her textile studio, Joi Rae. After studying industrial textile design (weaving and printing) for fashion and interiors Jorie found her compatible expression in fiber through the traditional medium of feltmaking. Jorie has developed her own innovative expression of the 8,000-year-old Central-Asian technique of feltmaking–felt being the first textile created by man. Jorie exhibits her contemporary feltworks in galleries, shops, and museums, and teaches workshops around the world.

SFS Workshop: 2D to 3D Fulling Wool with Resist Paste & Shibori
Dates To be Determined
Yoshiko I. Wada &  Jean Cacicedo

FullSizeRender 162.jpg

Yoshiko I. Wada, founder of Slow Fiber Studios, has been associated with Japanese designers including Issey Miyake, Yoshiki Hishinuma, Junichi Arai, and Reiko Sudo, all of whom have revolutionized fashion and textile designs using natural and synthetic materials combined with low and high tech processes. Yoshiko’s interest in tradition and innovation led her to research shibori in a contemporary context, focusing on its essential aspect of dimensional transformation and memory on cloth. In result of this process, she helped to popularize the term shibori and its function as a conceptual apparatus for a new creative language.

Jean Cacicedo is an internationally recognized artist and teacher based in Berkeley, California. Her works reside in the permanent collections of institutions such as the de Young Museum, San Francisco; the Museum of Art and Design, New York; the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Tassemmuseum Hendrikje, Amsterdam. Majoring in sculpture at the Pratt Institute, in Brooklyn, New York during the 1970s,  she became interested in the textile traditions of “women’s work” and crocheted most of her class assignments using unexpected and non-traditional materials. To date, her work focuses on fabricating with mixed media and finding new ways to alter surfaces and structures while telling a good tale.

13 thoughts on “Upcoming Talks, Workshops, and Exhibition

  1. Do you have any workshop in April 2016? I want to come in Japan and join the workshop.

    from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

  2. Hi Yoshiko, I would love to attend your next workshop in Japan, the same workshop that Miss Shapiro talked about in her article. Are you doing it again this year?

    I travel to Tokyo every two months and really hoping that I could attend your Japan workshops.

    Thank you for your response,

    • Hi Tess! Our Japan Tour 2017 will be in the fall this year instead of May and June. More details to be posted at a later date at slowfiberstudios.com ! We will announce it on the blog here.

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