Arimatsu Shibori

Arimatsu Narumi Shibori: Celebrating 400 years of Japanese Artisan Design was produced and narrated by Yoshiko I. Wada. This film is a comprehensive overview of traditional Japanese shibori techniques from the Arimatsu area features technical demonstrations by local master artisans. Learn the shibori process from start to finish with detailed recordings of each step, from designing and stenciling to dyeing and drying on cotton and silk fabrics, thread removal, and finishing. Techniques include six styles of hand-knotting (kanoko, miura, and te-kumo variations), stitching (nui-shibori variations), pleating (tesuji, tatsumaki, and other variations), and fold-and-clamp methods (sekka, itajime). In addition, the film covers several techniques for machine-aided shibori and sekka dyeing.

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