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Batik Colloquium: Enduring Art of Dyers In Indonesia

Film Screening + Lectures + Batik Demonstration + Indonesian Dance & Music Performance + Batik Trunk Show + Potluck Lunch
Sunday, 14 October, 2018 at Hillside Club, Berkeley, California, USA

Slow Fiber Studios hosted a series of events focused on Javanese life and culture through the lens of its batik traditions. Batik touches on just about every aspect of Indonesian life. From the cloth a child is wrapped in when it is born to the clothing worn by Indonesian leaders at important gatherings, batik binds a proud nation to a long and cherished cultural identity. Batik is truly “intangible”, as UNESCO  proclaimed in 2009. It is part of our world heritage, the identity of an island nation, worthy of admiration and preservation.

Chapter 1 – Yoshiko Jinzenji: Hear Yoshiko Wada narrate “Stitchery In North Eastern Japan”

YoshikoJinzenji_Batik Colloquium

Chapter 2 – Dr. Donald Breyer Presents His Unique Batik Collection

Dr Breyer_60

Chapter 3 – Natasha Reichle: Historical and Social Background of Batik

Tsunami Batik edit3

Chapter 4 – Daniel Gundlach: Contemporary Batik Production In Java

Daniel G image edit4