2021 has been a transformative year for the Slow Fiber Studios and World Shibori Network, as we are integrating into the virtual world in pursuit of continuing to unite our cross-cultural international community through conversations with cloth by sharing the authentic voices of Master shibori artisans, and natural dye expertise. Slow Fiber Studios is now creating online streaming content that is easily available, globally on Vimeo.


Arimatsu Shibori

Our sold out DVD, Arimatsu Narumi Shibori: Celebrating 400 years of Japanese Artisan Design is now available to purchase or rent by streaming. The 2013 film was produced and narrated by Wada, a comprehensive overview of traditional Japanese shibori techniques from the Arimatsu area featuring technical demonstrations by local master artisans. Film includes Hiroshi Murase, a 5th generation Master Arimatsu Shibori artisan, featuring his shibori expertise and processes. Additionally, the film is an archive of authentic Arimatsu shibori artisans oral histories who many now have passed away since the filming of this video.

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Natural Dye Workshop Series 

Our popular Natural Dye DVD collection, featuring Michel Garcia, a world-renowned dyer, phyto-chemist, and botanist, and Yoshiko ​I. ​Wada, producer of the Natural Dye Workshop film series are now available streaming online for purchase or rent.

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Conversations with Cloth online series 

This two part series, hosted by Yoshiko I. Wada, and Ana Lisa Hedstrom streamed Conversations with Cloth with esteemed textile artists and artisans, specialists, scholars in the field of textile art including shibori, natural dyes, sashiko and quilt, weaving, fashion, and costumes, delivered through Zoom webinar. The artists intention were to spread and share authentic information by their hands-on and scholarly experiences. The conversations will serve as oral histories recordings of lives and works by people who have contributed to the evolution of the textile field by building on the tradition with innovation and passing on knowledge to upcoming generations.

Two Series:

Conversations with Cloth Fall/Winter – 2020

Conversations with Cloth Winter/Spring – 2021

*Episodes with Study Guides are currently unavailable to purchase. We will make a public announcement. For any inquiries contact us.