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March – April  2019


The Year of Ethnobotany: North American Indigo Projects
Michel Garcia + Sarah Bellos + sukumo makers from Northern California
Sunday, 31 March 2019 | UC Botanical Garden


NDWIV_Garcia_IndigoPaste_4 4x7.jpgPhoto courtesy of Yoshiko Wada

INDIGO from PLANTS, or PETROLEUM?: Transparency, Traceability, and Farm-to-Trade

Slow Fiber Studios and UC Botanical Garden will collaborate in presenting the North American Indigo Projects with guest speakers, including world-renowned natural dye expert Michel Garcia of Brittany, France, and Sarah Bellos of Stony Creek Colors. In light of the growing awareness of ecological responsibility—the need to  preserve the health of people and the environment, as well as the traceability of production processes—artists, designers, and industries are reviving the use of natural indigo. We will explore models of using indigo dye in artistic pursuits, community engagement, education, as we learn about revolutionary changes in the industry.

This leading-edge initiative will offer diverse learning platforms of lectures, workshops, and social gatherings. Programs will be led by Michel Garcia, whose vast knowledge is showcased in the  Natural Dye Workshop DVD series. Michel is joined by Sarah Bellos, founder of Stony Creek Colors (SCC), who developed a natural indigo farm to help lead the sustainability transformation within the textile dyeing and fashion industries. SCC indigo powder can be purchased at

Please join us for this upcoming event in the spring of 2019, where we will integrate and reflect upon historical practices, chemistry, and farm-to-trade as means to evolve ethical indigo dye practices for the 21st century. Further details of these events are coming soon.


Indigo Intensive Workshops: Dried Leaves, Compost (sukumo), Powder, and Paste.
Led by Michel Garcia, joined by Sarah Bellos, Craig Wilkinson, et al.
Saturday, 30 March 2019 |  Slow Fiber Studios Annex



dried leaves
Photo courtesy of Yoshiko Wada



Natural Dye Workshop: [subject to be announced later]
Michel Garcia
Monday – Wednesday, April 1-3, 2019  | Slow Fiber Studios Annex

[Details: TBA]

Michel G
Photo courtesy of Yoshiko Wada



August  2019


Foundation to Traditional Japanese Shibori
Hiroshi Murase
Dates TBA  |  Slow Fiber Studios Annex

[Details: TBA]



September 2019


Natural Dyes: A series of exploratory, focused, one-day workshops
Catharine Ellis
Dates TBA  | Slow Fiber Studios Annex

[Details: TBA]

Catherine Ellis
Photo courtesy of Catherine Ellis


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