Slow Fiber Studios events offer a platform for international scholars, artists and artisans to exchange knowledge and showcase their creativity and technical ingenuity.

February – March


Unexpected Applications for Shaped Resist on Wool
Jean Cacicedo + Yoshiko I. Wada
Saturday – Sunday, February 10 – 11 | 9:30am – 4:30pm
Slow Fiber Studios Annex | 1825 Eighth St, Berkeley, CA 94710
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88_2Apply modern design to the ancient method of felting, exploring wool’s shrinking characteristics through shibori techniques and quilting processes. Play with woolen fleece, yarns, and special fine gauze fabric layered with non-shrinking fine silk, polyester, and cotton scraps, and learn how to effectively dye with indigo on delicate wool by controlling pH and temperature to achieve varying intensities of blue on wool, plant fiber, and silk.

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Inventive Methods for Fulling Resist
Jean Cacicedo + Yoshiko I. Wada
Saturday – Sunday, March 3 – 4 | 9:30am – 4:30pm
Slow Fiber Studios Annex | 1825 Eighth St, Berkeley, CA 94710
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Create textiles with surprising and inventive textural contrast through the use of an unusual historical European paste resist method. We’ll use a specially designed wool gauze and gain an understanding of its physical and chemical structures to achieve lacelike effects through various techniques.

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Visiting Artist: Yoshiko I. Wada

SFS EV18 WADA PortraitYoshiko I. Wada is an artist, curator, and textile scholar, president of World Shibori Network, founder of Slow Fiber Studios, producer of the Natural Dye Workshop film series, and co-chair of the 1st – 11th International Shibori Symposia. She is the author of pioneering publications on kasuri and shibori. A Berkeley resident since 1973, she continues to lead a wide range of workshops, lectures, tours, and symposia internationally, emphasizing sustainability, tradition, and innovation in design.

Visiting Artist: Jean Cacicedo

CACICEDO Portrait.jpg

Jean Cacicedo is a prime innovator of the American studio craft Art-to-Wear Movement who uses the transformative properties of wool, cloth and paper to create objects that adorn both the body and the wall. Telling stories from journeys that come by way of dreams and visions, her works can be found in the permanent collections of the de Young Museum, Museum of Art and Design (MAD), Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Racine Art Museum, and the Tassenmuseum Hendrikje.

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