Sarah Bellos

October 2019

TALK & Potluck Social

Regenerative Natural Dye Manufacturing in the Southeastern U.S.
Presented by Sarah Bellos
Thursday, 24 October 2019| 18:30
Slow Fiber Studios ANNEX | 1825 8th St. Berkeley, CA
$30 Non-WSN Members | $25 WSN Members


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Sarah Bellos, CEO and founder of Stony Creek Colors (SCC), is returning to Berkeley to share with us some details of how the company is shaping the future of the fashion industry in the U.S.

SCC challenges modern industrial practices by fostering local agriculture, strengthening the local economy, and implementing environmental sustainability in manufacturing natural dyes for textiles. Their bio-based colors are made from locally farmed plants.

It is the first company in the U.S. to grow indigo at a scale usable by the commercial textile industry. The company is expanding to grow, source, and manufacture an array of regional, bio-based dyes that move the color wheel beyond blue. One of their newest products, black walnut paste, is a dye extracted from waste hulls sourced from hulling stations in Tennessee, where the nut is separated out for food use. The company has been introducing alternative crops to farmers in Tennessee facing decreased demand for tobacco.  

Join us for an evening talk by Sarah followed by a potluck dinner. Socialize with the local community and discuss sustainable regional sources of natural dyes.

Visiting Speaker: Sarah Bellos

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Sarah Bellos, is CEO and Founder of Stony Creek Colors. As a leader in the textile, agriculture and sustainability fields for the past 10 years she is widely appreciated for supporting farmers in the Southeastern U.S. in the efficient and profitable agricultural production of dye plants. In 2015, Bellos was awarded the Young Entrepreneur Award by the American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists.


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